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white noise maker was my first blog—the one I wrote before writing on the internet meant anything. I wrote about work and bands I liked, plus crushes and grocery store observations. (If you were around for the LiveJournal era, you know what I’m talking about.) So, that’s basically what this is. & as such may include:

book reviews

On the docket: Sally Rooney, Dune, Ruth Ozeki, Cesar Aira


Including topics like the sus chord micro trend in lo-fi indie a la Snail Mail and Phoebe Bridgers; why do I love Charli XCX so much; why Alice Coltrane is the heaviest mfer of all time. Deep stuff like that.

writing life

Including eras of uncertainty, my recent obsession with The O.C., theories of narrative as a holographic representation of the spaciousness of reality, and and other eras of uncertainty

scene reports

The cat scene, the roller rink on an island refinery in the middle of Pittsburgh scene, the not drinking scene, the desert and mountain scene, solitudes, and more.


I have exquisite taste.

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